Southwest Airlines Reservations

Learn About The Southwest Airlines Classes, Pet Policy & Reservations Before You Get Onboard

An Overview on Southwest Airlines

When we talk about travelling with low-cost airlines, Southwest Airlines is the first name that comes into our mind, isn’t it? The Texas based airlines has always been a popular sear for the passengers as it has always managed to make their budget expenses pocket-friendly. Moreover, the airline with fleet size of 752 has been serving its top low cost services in more than 101 destinations. More than 4000 departures on a daily basis are operated by Southwest Airlines in its peak season and this is the reason that this airline is also known as the world largest world largest low-cost airlines.

So if you have been thinking to travel with this top low-cost airline then here’s what you need to know about the Southwest Airlines Reservations, classes, pet reservations, and reservations for children.

Fare Classes Offered By Southwest Airlines

Since, Southwest does not offer first class in its flights, the airline has some different fares to offer to its passengers. Have a look on them here.

  • Business Select

This is the top fare offered by the airline that includes various perks such as priority boarding, bonus Rapid Rewards Points, free beverages among other amenities. Moreover, Business Select fares are fully refundable and allow passengers to make anytime changes. Hence, such perks are quite enough to make this fare type the Southwest’s First class fare type.

  • Anytime

    Anytime Fare by Southwest Airlines is fully refundable and comes with the liberty of making anytime changes without imposing any penalties. Moreover, passengers can also enjoy Standby travel in the same cities and most importantly this fare is same across multiple dates.
  • Wanna Get Away 

These non-refundable fares and allows passenger to check 2 baggage for free, A-class boarding, fewer Rapid reward points and standby fly facility (extra cost will be applicable). Passengers can also enjoy no change fee will be applicable for changing flights.

Making Pet Reservations On Southwest Airlines: Important Guidelines

The following points will help you to make Southwest Airlines Pets Reservations as per your convenience.

  • Southwest Airlines requires you to make pet reservations in advance due to limited space availability. You can make the reservations by contacting its reservation center and pets will be accepted on the airline on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • However, under some circumstances, Southwest can also allow its passengers to bring less than 6 pet carriers per scheduled flights.
  • On the boarding day, passengers are required to pay for their pet fare i.e. $95 per pet carrier reservations on the Southwest’s check-in desk
  • Southwest Airlines accepts all types of credit cards and cash. However, no LUV Vouchers, gift cards, and unused travel funds will be accepted for making payments for making pet reservations
  • Southwest Airlines does not require its passengers to submit any health certificate or any other relevant documentation verified by their veterinarian for pet’s travel

Making Reservations For Children On Southwest Airlines: Important Guidelines

Here’s what you need to know on making Southwest Airlines Reservations For Children.

  • Southwest Airlines allows you to purchase Child Fare for children with their ages between 2-11
  • The child fare are not applicable for Unaccompanied children with the ages between 5-11
  • You are required to submit proof of child’s age at the time of onboard at Southwest the check-in desk

Furthermore, you can contact the reservation center of Southwest Airlines to make Southwest Airlines Reservations For Children with the help of executives and also you can make them online only after the child’s age is verified.

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